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      • Dear Hapi Home School,
        Please help me. I am interested with the home school program. I am a licensed teacher and a tutor/Sped therapist handling kids with special needs. I’d like to extend more help to them through this home schooling.Please email me at luckyzell31568@yahoo.com thank you…Mrs Blancaver

    • Hello, Ma’am, we’re sorry to say that the early bird rate is no longer available. The regular fee of 800PhP now applies. If you register on or before May 4, however, you will be included in the exclusive raffle of 4 iPad2s we will be giving away. :)

  1. Hi! Our school, Seibo College provides homeschooling, is there a possibility for our school to have a booth? Will this conference allow schools pffering homeschooling to be known? Thanks! I will attend the conference by the way.

  2. heeeey :) im doing my year 12 major work, is there anyone here who was homeschooled or is a homeschooling parent, that i could sent 4 or 5 questions too? thankyou

  3. hello!just wanted to inquire..|we are in england(me and my daughter) at the moment .im afraid my daughter will be late for school opening in june as we will probably be home in the phil by dec..i wanted to try the home schooling is it possible?what is the difference of independent home schooling to just home schooling?can i have an email add pls on where i can ask more questions about this…on may 19 are you on live stream (via internet)?pls i want to know more as i am a bit confused about what to do on my daughter…shes an incoming grade 2,shes 8y.o.many thanks god bless

    • Hello Rowena, we’d love to help you by answering your questions. Please e-mail us at hapihomeschooler@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

      We won’t be having a live stream on May 19, but we’ll see if we can make the resources and talks available afterwards. In the meantime, do keep in touch with us. :)

  4. hi do you have a list of good home schools here in manila? can you recommend any that will be good for a high school level student who has just finished first year. Can you also include the requirements for it. Thank you!

  5. Hi. I’m happy to discover about HAPI. Can you advise me about my daughter turning 11 years old whom I wished to be homeschooling? I also have two bouncy boys 4 and 2 years old. We are in an average category or below financially but our standard is very high that we want to prepare our children for a bright future, buildng a solid family that recapturing the true values, which is the foundation of a healthy society. We live in Davao City. Please send me you reply. More power!

    • Thanks, Mommy, for your strong interest in homeschooling!

      Certainly you can opt to homeschool your 11 year old daughter. You are probably catching her at a good time before she turns teenager. As you know in homeschooling, the parents take back the responsibility to educate their children instead of delegating this to our conventional school system. There are now a couple of what we call homeschool providers who are accredited with DepEd, that can make it possible for parents like you to home educate their kids.

      The HAPI site would have a listing of these providers. Many of them can make it possible to homeschool “remote” –that is, enroll in their Manila office and then maintain contact and assistance via the internet through Skype.

      The tuition fees vary depending on the provider. It may range from P15,000 up. This excludes the books. Beyond this, there are “independent homeschoolers” who don’t go through an accredited provider. They get their own curriculum and often at the end of the year, they go to a DepEd testing center to get their child validated for his/her grade level. (This I might say, though possible, is quite an inconvenient route to take.)


  6. Hi! Do you have any program or materials for an ADHD kid, coz I’m considering to enter my son to a homeschooling… although my son is currently enrolled in a SPED school, I have friends who advice me to try homeschooling… thanks
    by the way here is my email address… judy.liquigan@yahoo.com.ph

    • Ma’am, we tried sending a response to your e-mail address, but it keeps bouncing back. Please let us know if you have another e-mail address with which we can contact you? Thank you!

  7. Hi there! Can you give advise as to how I can transfer my Grade 6 daughter to home study program? We are currently living in Baguio City. And how to get it accredited next year for her entry in High School. Thank you!

  8. hi..i would like to ask if there is a possibility to transfer my daughter in a homeschool program, she got sick and it would be much easier for her to study at home.. She`s a 4th year student but her situation now is different, she wants to graduate and to pursue her studies in college by next school year. We live in Valenzuela..we want to know where can we find an accredited Homeschool provider even a public school. We are just in a low income bracket but since we need to provide my daughter a good future we will try to enter into this kind of practice where I`ve learned that it really helps a lot..thanks and more power..

  9. The parents of 15 children and I are home schooling our kids in here in Saudi Arabia because of the poor teaching methods and management of school in our area which is a little far from the major cities. Can you please inform us about the details to be accredited by the Dep_Ed or to be a member of your group?

    • Hello, are your kids currently enrolled with a homeschool provider in the Philippines or in Saudi Arabia? Or are you homeschooling independently? Please let us know so we could advise you. Blessings!

  10. Hi there!

    I am a parent and interested in homeschooling. do we have an org. in davao city. i am planning to have one. how can i do it?i distrust the snow white appled educational system.

    pleas help.


  11. I also have a 7 year old child diagnosed with ASD. He tried a traditional school in pre-k and kinder. He is in a self contained class that focuses on behavior management. I hope there is a program that is appropriate for him. I am taking up an MA special education program.

  12. Hi,i am having a problem with my 12 yrs old son studies..I saw your home schooling program..Please send me more details about your program .Thank You. were from Baguio city

  13. Hello, i’ve been thinking of homeschooling my 3 year old daughter but we are currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Do you know if DepEd allows homeschool program in our place?if any, what are the requirements and process?thanks in advance. God bless.

  14. Hello, we’ve been thinking of homeschooling my 3 year old daughter but currently we are living in Jeddah KSA. Can you give us some list of accredited shools here that cater homeschooling? If any, may we know the requirements and processes. I hope you can help us on this matter. Thank you and God bless.

  15. I have a 3 yrs. old son who has a vitiligo problem. I don’t want him to be bullied when he goes to school, that is why I want him to be in a home school program. but i don’t know how because we are here living in Thailand right now because I’m working here.

  16. Hi! This is Leanna Lopez. I am third year college student from St. Scholastica’s College – Manila. I will be conducting a research about Homeschooling children with ADHD. I just want to ask if there are a lot of Homeschooling children with ADHD here in the Philippines? :) I will be needing participants. :) I just hope that HAPI could help me with my thesis. :) Thank you very much! I hope I will hear from you. :)

  17. Hi,
    I find it interesting and well Im indeed interested to know more how HomeSchooling works. Any website I could visit?I would defintely visit the place once I get back to Phils. Thanks!

  18. Hi, I am Tania. I have a daughter who will be in Grade 7 and a daughter who will be in Grade 1. I am so interested in homechooling both of them but my concern is I am a 9-5 working mom. Is it still possible?

    Any input would be appreciated.


  19. Hi! We are based here in Kuwait. I am interested to enrol my daughter in home schooling program accredited by DEPED. Please advised. Please send me email.

  20. Hi, I am looking for a Homeschool curriculum for my kids. Can you suggest Homeschools in Philippines? I’ll be bringing my family with me in Africa.
    Please send me email about this querry, rhoinuhj@yahoo.com
    Thank you very very much!

  21. Do you have a school affiliated here in baguio city that provides home school program? My daughter is in 3rd year this coming sy 2013-14…and i want her to go with this king school program. thank you and god bless…

  22. Hi! Can you send me information on how we can get involved with HAPI and also a list of DepEd approved homeschool providers in Metro Manila? Is Living Heritage Academy one of your affiliates? I’m considering PACES but I want to know more about other options.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  23. Hi! Im from Davao can you give me info on how to homeschool my son, 6 years old and diagnosed with Mild ASD….Thank you…

  24. Hi! I have two kids who are both enrolled in a traditional school. My eldest is 11 (incoming grade 6 and my youngest is 6 (incoming Grade 2). My husband and I are planning to enrol my 11-yr old in a home school program. What are the requirements that I need to submit/ pay? So she may start before this coming June? I am a licensed Secondary English facilitator and we are a christian family. Thank you

  25. Hi Hapi Homeschooler again.

    I would like to ask if you guys would know where homeschooling moms get Deped curriculum for our children aside from the school? Like a site where we can view it or more download it.

    Also, another thing that I would like to ask. Where can we get our kids accredited to know if they are above or at least at par with the student in the same that are attending traditional schools.

    Thank you,

    Mommy Jaizhi

  26. Hello. Would you be able to point me to homeschoolers in Bacolod? Would love to homeschool my 3 yr old but am worried about finding “socialization” opportunities for her if we go the homeschool route.

  27. I am very busy with my work and I want my child to be homeschooled. Can I send her to other parents who homeschool their kids? We live at Fairview, Quezon City.

  28. Hello, i have a daughter a 4th year high school and i want her to be homeschool. Is it possible? We live in Cebu City. Thank you :)

  29. Good day! I am looking for a Homeschool for my kids. We are based here in Vietnam.I have 2 kids my eldest is 11 (incoming 6th grade and enrolled in a international school here in Vietnam. My youngest is 4 this coming Sept. and she in kindergarten. Can you send me information on how we can get involved HAPI and also a list of DepEd approved homeschool provider i Manila.
    I hope it is not to late for my 2 kids.
    Thank you so much.

  30. Hi,

    I am very interested in finding out more about homeschooling for children with special needs. I have exhausted all my options and i don’t want to send my child to another country to get the support she needs. Kindly let me know where i can get in touch with you to find out more about this program. My child was diagnosed with ADHD. Thank you and i hope to hear from you again soon.


    Therese Ortoll

  31. Hi, I have a 14 year old who was recently diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease. She goes to a regular school but because of the possible complications to her health we are thinking of homeschooling her instead. She is in her 3rd year now, can she just continue from there?

    Warm Regards,
    Bernadette Francisco

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