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22 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. Can u pls advice me which homeschool provider is best i can use to homeschool my child with special needs, im taking him out from his current school.He is 8 year old with mild autism, already mainstreamed in a regular class, he just finish grade 1. But sadly he was not receiving quality assistance & supervision. i’m the one teaching at home, & the school even ask me to stay beside my son during d class to teach him and I pay extra for that. :-( So i devided to homeschool him instead.

    • i have the same situation with Cris….may i know if i can apply home schooling here in saudi?is there a way, home schooling can be accredited by Phil.Deped?please enlighten me…tnx..Lea

      • hi, i’m supposed to homeschool my son whose functional autistic, Yes, he was mainstreamed but the SPED program in his school is so weak. I suggest you find a school that has a strong well established SPED program. If you choose homeschool make sure you will be able to fill your son’s schedule of activities for socialization, if u can find him a venue for group class, like art, dance, swimming class. In my case with my son, i had a hard time finding a group class that teaches art, paint or whatever extra curricular activities for him in our area, most of his cousins were all busy during weekdays..and very far from our house. My son is ok with group of kids , he is a tyoe of autistic who mingle but not able to communicate well, the same level of his age. My husband is also not approved to homeschool my son due to a very limited space in our house. As of now were transfering our son to a different school but we still have no guarantee if its going to be better from the other school, were hoping to work closely together with my sons therapist, doctor, and Sped teacher and regular teacherr. Bully is everywhere, as much as i dont like it, but could not control it..hopefully with the new school and new program, and less number of classmates, will help my son be more better. However, you have the means, the biger place in your house to b able to homeschool your son, the blessing of your husband, the peace and leading of God, then i advice you to homeshcool your son. it always depends on the case, there are many things to consider before homeschooling a child with special needs. Fallow the advice of your developmental doctor’s reomendation for your child & the therapist assessment, also consider you mother instict too..because at the end of the day its still the parent who knows the child. I hope this help you a bit,:-) And to be honest with you I admire those parents who homeshooled their kids!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this site and the work that you do. I would also like to request for the contact details of home school providers that can cater to special needs. My daughter is incoming grade one and has been diagnosed with a slight speech and reading delay. I believe that the individualized instruction provided by homeschooling would be very helpful for her.

  3. My daughter turned 5 this year and i would like to enroll her to homeschool. Can you recommend which homeschool provider i can enroll her.

  4. hi. i have a 5-yr old daughter and gusto q sna i-homeschool xa. wat wil be my first steps? taga-muntinlupa kame and im a single mom.

  5. Good day! May I ask how we can be a member of HAPI? We are homeschooling families from Gen. Santos City and are starting a support group here. Thanks and God bless you!

  6. hi, we are base in abudhabi i want to ask if there’s a homeschool provider from philippines you can recommend for us?

  7. Hello, I am Jason Go and I am currently doing a review of all the home schooling efforts in the south east asian region. I would like to ask for your help especially if you have research studies that I can cite on the paper. I would appreciate if you can provide me information such as home schooling statistics and researches made about home schooling in the philippines. Lastly, does deped have formal sub-department for home schooling which I can talk to? Or HAPI already stands as the de facto umbrella organization in the Philippines?

    • Thanks, Jason for your interest in taking this topic on. Unfortunately there is no formal research done in the country specific to homeschooling. At best, all we have are sketchy figures of current homeschooling population and list of providers.

      DepEd has a section or group tackling homeschooling so you can get in touch with them at the main HQ in Ortigas.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions. Blessings!

      • Yes that’s my goal, to bridge the research gap especially in the Philippines and the southeast asia. There is really no research that concentrates on homeschooling. Anyway, can you give me the exact location and address of the DepEd Homeschooling group? Tnx so much!

  8. I recently moved to the Philippines. We have home schooled for 5 years with a charter in California and are needing to get connected here in Philippines. I am trying to find a good way to get accreditation at a minimal price, find families to associate and perhaps co-op with, and have a support network.

    I have a B.A. cum laud in Business Management, AA in Gen. Studies, AA in fine Art Studio, CBEST tested for substitute teaching in California, and have also taught in Georgia and Canada. I taught ESL in Korea for 1 year.

    My children are 13 & 14 yr old boys with strong Christian beliefs and teaching.

    I have an extensive library of educational books, particularly in science.

    We live in Castillejos, Zambalas about 45 minutes from Olongopo. I am looking for connections to people in Olongopo, subic, subic bay, Castillejos, San Marcelino, San Narciso, San Antonio and other areas within one hour of Castillejos.

  9. hi!
    Im marjory…im so glad to find this site that ive been looking for…I have a daughter, just turned 8 yrs.old..and she is having difficulties in learning because she is having difficulty in focusing and listening..instead she always draws for that is her passion and she is very hyperactive.When she was in pre school up to grade one,she excels and always on the top 3 students in class but since she had experienced a teacher that is so impatient and even shouting at her whenever she doesnt listen,then she started to fail in her learning abilities and seems like she lost her interest to study.But my daughter is not naughty, she is just too active.We are family of christians and so I really need help if it would be better to send her home schooling?I pity her because I know her capability in learning its just that she needs someone loving and patyient enough to teach her..She is just studying in public school.Were there any home schooling that will not cost too much which we can possibly afford?because Im just a plain housewife and I still have 2 kids studying both in college..Thank you very much and Im hoping for your kind response soon..God bless you all.

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