Philippine Homeschool Conference 2012

The HOMESCHOOLING movement has been catching fire in the Philippines, especially in the past 3-4 years. Pioneering homeschooling families have produced children now excelling in conventional schools, in the workplace, and other areas.  These success stories and the growing interest in homeschooling among young Filipino families has been the spirit and inspiration behind HAPI’s flagship homeschooling event.

On May 19, HAPI will hold its 4th installment of the PHILIPPINE HOMESCHOOL CONFERENCE 2012 Ortigas Center. Register now!

With its chosen theme for the year, “Laying a strong foundation”, the main highlight for the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2012 is its key speaker, Ms. Debra Bell.  Ms. Bell is an active advocate of homeschooling, and the best-selling author of numerous published works on homeschooling, such as  best-selling author of the award-winning Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling (Apologia press).To read more on Ms. Debra Bell, click here.This will be, by far, the biggest homeschooling event in the country, as it welcomes attendees who are:
  • active homeschooling moms, dads, guardians and caregivers
  • aspiring homeschooling individuals
  • members of the academe who wish to learn about homeschooling teaching principles
  • members of the media


Click here for more info.

20 thoughts on “Philippine Homeschool Conference 2012

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      • The exact schedule like… 8-9am speaker’s name, 12nn lunch, etc etc… knowing the exact schedule or at least a tentative one would help me gauge if i can attend or not. Thank you for a very prompt reply.

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  3. Is there still space to have a booth? We would like to bring the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy which is a program that focuses on the development of the child using drama, the child’s own creativity, and speech exercises.

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  5. hi, just wanna confirm if you received thru email my registration form and deposit slip (RCBC) i sent last april12, because i haven’t received any confirmation email yet…by the way do you allow a walk-in participant, thanks a lot…

    • Hello, Wilma! Yes, we received your e-mail already. Our apologies. We’ll send you a confirmation as soon as possible. We welcome walk-in participants. Registration begins at 8 a.m. See you there! :)

  6. it possible to claim my ticket on the day of the conference itself and to its venue where the conference will be held? thank you so much…

  7. it possible to claim my ticket on the day of the conference itself and to its venue where the conference will be held? thank you so much…

  8. Is there any other conference coming? I am very interested to join. My family is from Bacolod and I waant my kids to be homeschooled, how can I do this. Thanks

    Jhun Mejia

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