The Ironies of Learning

As we’ve homeschooled Arielle and Kayla these past 4 years, I’ve learned these and continue to remind myself that:

Less is more.

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It’s better to study in chunks rather than in big gulps.

It’s better to immerse in a topic rather than try to study all the chapters in the book from cover to cover. (I don’t think we’re even required to finish the entire book in all subjects every schoolyear! Do schools actually do that?)

Slow is fast.
The more you take time to teach a child how a thing works or about a topic in such a way that he/she would be able to grasp the idea and see the big picture of it, the faster it will find its way to his/her memory bank.

Playing or having fun is learning.
When you enjoy the learning process, you want to do it again.  When you want to do it again, there’s repetition.  When there’s repetition, you remember.

Doing is learning.
I haven’t come across a hard and fast rule by educators or by geniuses that said “Memorizing is the way to learn.”

That’s why we have apprenticeship, mentorship, on-the-job training!

Learning is emotional, not just cerebral.
The more personal the learning process is to a child, the more he/she experiences it and relates to it, the more he/she remembers.

Everything just makes sense!

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