Reasons to Homeschool

When someone finds out we are homeschooling our kids, one of the most frequent questions I get is why did we choose to homeschool the kids? Here are our reasons:

– We believe that this is what God has called our family to do.
– Builds a strong sense of family and relationship between each other.
– We can emphasize the study of the Word of God and character building.
– We believe that individualized instruction is much better than institutionalized education.
– Our schedule is more flexible and we get to adjust with each other’s schedules. This gives enough opportunity for the kids to pursue and develop their God given talents.

Knowing why you are choosing to homeschool your kids would be the most important question that you must be able to answer before finally deciding to homeschool because when tough days come, and they sure will come, these reasons will help you through and bring you back towards the right path for your family.

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  1. Also, sending our kids to school nowadays cost a lot. Tuition fees range at a minimum of 50 thousand pesos. Add the allowance, transportation, tutor etc. With homeschooling, you can save extra expenses plus the benefit of you monitoring the learning of your child and of course safety and security concerns. Seibo College Foundation, Inc. offers Filipino Catholic Homeschooling. You may contact the school at 293-9688/9846673 or 09167834177/09175797123 look for Ms. Tabya David

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